Josh Shearer, the art teacher at Anna District #37, will be speaking at the January 19, 2023 Jonesboro Grade School board meeting to invite Jonesboro to participate in the Illinois Humanities for Visual Art Grant.

The ultimate goal is to bring a full-time art teacher back to Jonesboro to teach all grades during school hours. Accomplishing the first phase of this grant could get our school closer to attaining this goal. The initial phase of the grant would provide an after school art club to jr high school students. You are invited to show your support for implementing an art program at Jonesboro through your attendance at the board meeting or by emailing the school's administration and board. You can find those emails here

The January 19, 2023 meeting begins at 6:30 pm in the science room. For further information or questions, email Susan Ramsey at

Thanks so much!