6th Grade Health Requirements

6th graders in Illinois are required to have a new health exam, two shots, and a dental exam. 

  • Health Exam and Immunizations (shots) by your health care practitioner are required within one year prior to your student starting 6th grade. Parents must complete and sign the health history questions on the top ⅓ of the page. All immunizations must be up to date and recorded on the front of the form. 6th grade immunizations are 1) TDap (tetanus), and 2) MCV4 (meningitis). Separately printed immunization pages are acceptable. Deadline: October 15, 2020.

  • Dental Exam by a dentist is required for all kindergarten students in Illinois. You may use any dentist you choose, just ask them to fill out the required Illinois form. Dental Safari will come to Jonesboro school in March of 2021. You may sign permission for your child to receive an exam and cleaning at that time. Dental Safari will satisfy the dental exam requirement if you choose this option. Due May 1, 2021.

*** All forms available on this page in the HEALTH FORMS block:    "Health Exam Form,"   "Dental Exam Form"


By Donna Williams