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Highlights From National Beta Convention 2019

2 months ago

JGS Beta Club attended the National Junior Beta Convention in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Convention was held June 15th - 18th at Cox Convention Center in downtown OKC. In addition to attending general sessions and keynote addresses, our Betas competed in 6 events. To compete at Nationals, members had to have placed in the top 3 at the corresponding State Convention. JGS advanced to the National competition in the following events: Service Snapshot, Performing Arts - Solo, Duo, or Trio, Visual Arts - Photography, Visual Arts - Recyclable Art, Visual Arts - Sculpture, and Marketing & Communications.

Every competitor did an awesome job, and we are so proud of our JGS competitors for making it to Nationals! The top 3 in each event from each state is eligible to compete at Nationals, so the competition is tough! The top 10 in each event are recognized at the National level. Our Beta Bulldogs achieved Top 10 - Service Snapshot (the whole club participated in the service project to raise money to help Hadley's Haven; 3 members were selected to give the presentation at the competition); 3rd Place - Sculpture (Mya Laster); and 3rd Place - Marketing & Communications (4-person team: Torie Ralls, Ally Hasty, Miranda Bundren, & Alexandria Keller).

While in OKC, the Betas enjoyed white-water rafting at Riversport, visited Frontier City Amusement Park, and spent an afternoon at the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum with a guided tour of the Memorial, interactive museum tour, and tested their forensics skills participating in the Forensics STEM Lab. This was a wonderful experience for our Betas  - Fun AND Learning! Enjoy our photo collection from OKC 2019!

Follow this link to the photo album 2019 Beta Trip to OKC Photo Album

Jonesboro Marching Band is Back!

12 months ago

We are proud to see our Jonesboro Marching Bulldogs back in action!

Getting ready


more practice

down the road
close to judge


New Telephone/Intercom System
JGS made important upgrades to our telephone and internal intercom system over the summer. This was done to help strengthen our school safety and security efforts. Please note, there are multiple changes. ALL calls to ANY department within the building are to be made to the 618-833-5148 phone number. You will need to listen to the greeting prompts to determine which option to choose that best corresponds with your needs. For example, to report a student absence, press 1, and so on. This system gives the school more available lines for emergency and other important calls. It also helps get you to the person you need to speak to in a more efficient manner. If the person you are trying to reach is not able to take the call, you will be able to leave a private voicemail. Also, if a teacher gives you his/her extension number, you can just enter that number as soon as the greeting prompt begins. If the department or teacher you are trying to reach is not an option, you may choose option 2 for the main office - you will then be transferred to the appropriate extension.

Here is a list of the quick options: Option 1 - report absence; option 2 - main office; option 3 - Superintendent's office; option 4 - nurse; option 5 - cafeteria; option 6 - IT department; option 7 - Southern 7 Headstart; option 8 - Tri-County Special Education; press 9 or remain on the line to repeat options.

In addition, please note the following changes in fax numbers: To send a fax to the Principal's or Superintendent's Offices - 6188333410; to send a fax to the nurse - 6188338612.

Please be patient with us as we become accustomed to this component of our safety and security system as well.